1. Establish a clear future direction for your organization. What is the future you want? Is it compelling and really clear?
  2. Put the customer at the heart of everything you do. Listen to them. Make sure you are solving the right issues. Ask the “right” questions.
  3. Hire great people and give them clear goals, which are aligned to the Future state you wish for your organization. You won’t win without a winning and engaged team
  4. Engage everybody in discussing and understanding the future and the key goals. This builds commitment and excitement.
  5. Understand your business drivers – guided by the future that you want to create for your business.
  6. Establish clear metrics to measure delivery and lead by example. What is not measured can’t be managed. IF everybody understands how delivery is being measured, it’s easier to build momentum towards success.
  7. Manage your energy and those around you. Be at your best, more of the time. The world is moving faster and it is difficult to find quiet time to think and plan. Conquer e-mail. Plan in quiet time in your schedule.
  8. Think end to end. Establish the big picture view of your organization –right across your value chain. Things tend to go wrong at the interfaces between functions of departments. Is your organization ”joined up”? Are they engaged and unified by a common understanding of the Future?
  9. Have an opinion – but don’t be afraid to ask or admit you don’t know something. Ask others for their view, look at the data, then make up your mind. Make a decision. Its better to do something then nothing!
  10.  Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses-you’ll feel more energized and are likely to do better. Evaluate projects you want to take on against this.